What Our Customers Are Saying

0_dropcap_we always welcome and encourage feedback from our customers. Additionally, we also reach out annually with a survey designed to listen to their concerns, provide us a grade on our performance and learn where we can improve.

These brief online surveys cover such topics as:

  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • The level of quality provided
  • The level of support and attention to detail
  • Responsiveness to problems/issues that may arise
  • Likelihood of repeat business and/or a referral

When it comes to precision
straight headless pins, if you are
looking for quality, on-time
delivery and the lowest total cost,
look to Horberg Industries.

Precision Manufacturing Customers

In our most recent survey, we received overwhelmingly positive responses. Here are some of the comments we captured:

“Carlos and Dave are the best. They help and respond to everything we need.”

“Horberg has been great at the product they supply. I would like to try to purchase more of our standard hardware, especially dowel pins, from you because you are a superior manufacturer.”

“Professional, competent communication and service.”

“You do a great job! Quick quote response (thanks Carlos!), great quality, and on-time delivery!”

“Quote responses are fast and competitive.”

“Carlos is really good and getting pricing back to us in a timely manner.” Products seem to be delivered in the quoted lead-time as promised. Quality of product has been great.”

“Providing the required applicable quality material/process certifications.”

“Horberg is one of our most valued suppliers. A survey of our people all came to the same conclusion. Carlos is very knowledgeable, and goes the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction. On a personal note, his golf game needs a little work.”


Despite these positive comments, we at Horberg Industries understand we cannot rest on our laurels. The constructive feedback we receive allows us to focus on continuously improving our products and service to our customers.

Are there any problems that we can solve for you by supplying precision products that are right the first time? Contact us, today.